Student Organiser Pack
Student Organiser Pack

 The Student Organiser Pack helps students from ages 9 - 19 years old to be more organised, make more efficient use of their time and to achieve their aims more successfully

  • It helps students to learn the skills of time management

  • A questionnaire enables pupils to find their own strengths and weaknesses.

  • The structured layout makes it easy for parents and teachers to monitor a child’s progress and to guide him/her towards a stage where he/she can manage his/her studies independently.

  • It has also been found to reduce the arguments at home which sometimes surround homework.

Daily Work Plans ensure that work is split into suitable periods of time with organised breaks, and thus promote concentration and increased efficiency.

Weekly Plans give the student a framework which he/she can use to learn how to mix project work or course work with daily homework.

The Weekly Schedules enable the student to consider his/her study commitments and social activities each week and to plan the time accordingly.

A Year Plan allows long term planning and continuity with the following terms. The single page layout highlights important dates and encourages the student to be prepared for examinations.

All the plans can be adapted to suit the student’s own requirements.

Examples illustrating one method of filling in the plans are included. Colour should be used to differentiate between subjects.

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